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Electrical RF / Microwave Design Engineer

$85,000    Plainfield, CT
•  Direct Hire
•  Job Number:254473
•  Posted:7/19/2024

Research, design, develop, tests and troubleshoot custom communications systems. Researching, designing, prototyping and production readying custom communications electronics. Experimenting with new RF electrical hardware. Investigate and experiment with new technologies. Creating technical specifications and test plans. Writing operational documentation with technical authors. Problem-solving at the team and individual levels. 


BS/MS in Engineering, Math or Physics. Must be knowledgeable in the use of the Smith Chart. 4+ years hands-on experience in hardware development. Solid foundation in electronic mathematics and computer modeling. Knowledge of circuit boards, semiconductors and measurement equipment. Ability to create technical design documentation and to communicate effectively, relay tasks and set agendas. Strong attention to detail for all facets of work. Excellent problem solving and analytical skills with the desire to learn new skills. Software skills welcome.


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