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R&D Engineer

$120,000    Auburn, MA
•  Direct Hire
•  Job Number:252768
•  Posted:5/6/2024

Will be responsible for developing new products; improving existing product designs; providing technical support (structural, thermal, fluid analysis) for various product development projects. Additionally, the R&D Engineer will provide technical support for existing installations.  Review and understand the project objectives, specifications and documentation. Utilize all available resources to obtain any missing information and clarify project objectives. Actively participate in establishing project cost estimates, time estimates and project milestone dates. Utilize FEA ,CFD and other tools to model physical systems with the objective to optimize product design and or correct product deficiencies. Utilize SolidWorks (and other CAD tools) to develop design layouts (3D model) of prototype equipment. Utilize vibration analyzers and other instrumentation as needed to optimize product design or troubleshoot equipment. Schedule and chair design review meetings to discuss and evaluate proposed product designs. Order all materials and hardware needed to build prototypes. Follow-up with the purchasing department to ensure that purchased items are received when expected. Build prototype components and equipment. Utilize outside and in-house resources as required. Establish and complete test programs on various components and full prototype equipment. Travel to customer and supplier sites as needed to obtain project information and or install, evaluate, and test prototype equipment and components. Work closely with other company departments, customers, and suppliers to ensure that all project objectives are met. Manage all aspects of the specific product development project. Work with a “continuous improvement” mentality. 



B.S. Mechanical Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering, Additional M.S. degree preferred. Minimum (5) years of related experience.  Proficient with SolidWorks CAD software. Proficient with FEA and CFD software. Proficient with use of vibration analyzers and other test instrumentation.  Must be capable of working in difficult industrial conditions – heat, dust, noise, etc. 


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