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$5,000 Bonus to Successfully Refer the Following Role:

  • The Timeframe for this bonus program is from February 14,2017 to March 31,2017 for Roles as a Senior Cloud Operations Engineer with annual salaries greater than $125k - $135k
  • Full-time direct hire referral bonuses are payable after the referred candidate has successfully completed the client guarantee period and Micro Tech successfully collected due payment
  • All referrals must be either new candidates to Micro Tech Staffing or should not have been in contact with a Micro Tech representative int the last 12 months
  • Individual referrals are unlimited.You may submit as many referrals as you like,including yourself
  • To be eligible for an award,the referrals must first be submitted to Micro Tech via this page and must include a Candidate Referral Form and a detailed resume with contact information
  • The referring employee must agree to have his/her name used for introduction,if it is deemed that you do not personally know the referral,your submittal shall be null and void.
  • Only candidates who meet the essential qualifications for the position will be considered
  • If your referral does not start within 6 months (180 days) of the submittal,no bonus shall be paid
  • Referral bonuses through this program are not retroactive and will not be paid for positions already hired or candidates submitted prior to the induction of the program
  • Micro Tech reserves the right to change,modify or terminate this plan at any time
  • Referral Eligibility:Micro Tech Company internal employees are not eligible to participate in this program

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