5 Ways to Hire and Keep the Best Tech Team

Organizations recruiting for technical positions can find it difficult to recruit and retain skilled talent. Electrical engineering, prototype development, cyber security, software engineering, UX design, and data analysis positions are increasing each year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment space is expected to grow by 12 percent by 2024.

Compensation for these positions can range from $50,000-$150,000, but dollars aren’t the only thing that appeals to these candidates. Potential employees also look for work/life balance, flex schedules, and benefits. Applicants that have hard to find certifications and advanced skills can ask for even more.

Hiring managers know the hiring process for technology roles takes knowledge, research, and the ability to manage a company’s growing needs. The specialized requirements required for some of these high-tech roles can make it seem impossible to find the right talent.

There are probably a few engineers just outside your office right now but trying to convince them to come inside for an interview is the real challenge. They could either be very happy in their current role or trying to get another job at another company nearby. These are five challenges your organization might have to overcome to hire top tech talent.

1. Appealing to passive candidates

Passive candidates– or, candidates who are currently employed and not actively seeking a new job– are an essential part to any recruiting strategy. Using artificial intelligence (AI), to help search for passive candidates is a necessary tool in today’s staffing market. AI-enabled tools can scrub the web and analyze data to predict which passive candidates would be open to switching jobs. Fifty five percent of recruiters say that AI will be a main part of the recruiting process within the next five years.

Many organizations don’t embrace this enough and are missing out on a large part of the tech talent pool. Using social media to recruit is also an essential tool to attract passive candidates. Making sure your brand is consistent throughout all social media channels is important.

2. Role shifting and preparing for new demands

A challenge in finding and keeping top technical talent is roles changing throughout an employee’s time working at an organization. Candidates can fret over a role starting out one way that ends up becoming a completely different job. It’s important when attracting talent to find someone who is able to adapt to technology new demands. Automation, digital platforms, and other innovations are changing the fundamental nature of technology work. Understanding these shifts in the industry can help organizations make the best decisions when hiring and be able to move forward.

3. Short term fixes

Too often organizations find short-term fixes for their technology issues and roles. Sometimes they need someone to do one specific project, but they don’t think they need someone to continue managing it after it’s completed. Investing in IT roles is a must in today’s world. If you aren’t concerned with the long-term technology needs for your organization, you will be at a disadvantage.

4. Job definition

Another challenge is trying to manage independently created tech jobs that don’t fit in very well with established technical positions. Technology is changing by the minute and so are technical roles. Some organizations want a candidate to have specific skills and experience with certain programs but aren’t common in the tech world under similar job titles.

Trying to find a perfect candidate will only end up in wasted time and effort. Trying to find the best candidate for what your organization needs is a better approach. Know that it’s almost impossible to hire someone who has every single item on your checklist. Being flexible and trying to keep your must-haves to three major skills will help you open up your talent pool. Then you can narrow your choices down.

5. Need for qualified training

IT professionals usually work demanding schedules. Finding time to certify or recertify themselves with the training they need to stay on top of new technologies can be difficult. Being flexible with certificate requirements for applications could open up your talent pool for possible candidates. There are certifications available in a huge variety of technologies that businesses rely on for everyday operations and achieving long-term objectives.

These challenges can make it extremely difficult to find top technical talent and it’s important to remember to use your resources. Micro Tech Staffing Group knows this industry and is equipped with the right AI, resources, and top recruiters to help your organization overcome these challenges.

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