5 Ways to Improve Employee Loyalty

Most employees, who bail out on their current jobs, exit for reasons other than money. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , three million employees have left their job voluntarily every month since June 2017 to today. Staying loyal to an organization is about more than just a paycheck, for most. Going back to basic principles of human nature can help keep your employees loyal to your organization.

It’s important to choose candidates wisely from the beginning. Ask the right questions during the interview to find out if the candidate’s goals will align with those of your organization. Investigate what’s most important to them, while also discovering what motivates them. Can you provide it, or are you wasting your time and money by hiring someone who’s going to use your organization only as a stepping stone for the next opportunity? You must have a plan of how you will keep these in-demand employees, especially if you can’t just throw more cash at them.

1.Be Flexible

Many employees are seeking flexibility. Along with sick time, personal days, and holiday pay you must be flexible when it also comes to an employee’s work schedule. Providing options such as flex time or remote options could keep an employee around for a long time.

Having an option to make your employee’s schedule work for them, means they will stay longer for you. Even subtle changes that could involve leaving early on Fridays could make a big impact.

2.Be Sympathetic and Understanding

Situations arise where employees sometimes can’t make it to work due to snow storms, flooding, or family emergencies. By allowing your employees to make up the time on a weekend or leave early during weather events beyond your control will leave your employees appreciate for caring about their well-being. Employees want to feel like you care about them. It may be worth it to allow them some leeway, rather than sticking to a strict attendance policy during emergency situations where employees would not be able to focus on the task at hand regardless.

3. Praise often

Employees want to know their work is valued. It doesn’t need to happen every minute of the day, but the little bit of assurance knowing they did a job well done could make all the difference.

Offer opportunities to award employees for a job well done. Employees want to feel appreciated and the more that comes across, so do the message that their job and work matters. Once employees’ efforts start to go unnoticed they start to look elsewhere.

4. Create a culture

Planning team events can bond your employees and offer a little downtime. You could offer a holiday party or summer barbecue sponsored by the employer. Organizing social events for employees could keep them around longer. Choose someone in the office to be a Social Coordinator to plan employee events that provide a positive culture. Maybe a team outing or picnic together? When employees are able to bond with their coworkers and bosses outside of the office, they enjoy going to work more and working together. Strong relationships can keep employees loyal.

5. Room for advancement

Rarely do employees remain loyal to a company if there is no room to grow. Provide training to employees and keep them up-to-date on the latest technology as it pertains to your company. Even if you can’t offer opportunities for promotion, employers can help workers remain loyal by providing opportunities for advancement in their skills and talents. It will help your company also be more successful.

Workers are people, with real wants. They value being appreciated, cared for, and praised. They seek a positive environment where they want to come to work. Think about how to create a culture that values its workers in a variety of ways. Your company will thrive if you have loyal employees who stick around. Build relationships with your employees and they will be less likely to seek out another company.

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