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Filling jobs is never easy. In April, the unemployment rate trickled down to 3.9 percent, following six months at 4.1 percent and employment in manufacturing increased by 24,000 in April. Yet, the candidate pool is still shrinking and it’s difficult to find qualified candidates for manufacturing, engineering and technology positions.

Every company uses different staffing resources, but companies often need to lean on outside resources to fill difficult, complex roles. Many companies have turned to staffing firms, like Micro Tech Staffing Group, when a role isn’t getting enough qualified applicants or has tough requirements and skills.

Micro Tech is the largest privately owned full services technical search firm in New England, with over 30 plus years of expertise and an established network of relationships. Our main expertise lies with connecting job seekers with companies and matching them with the best jobs that fit them. We stay on top of staffing trends and use the latest technology advances to find qualified candidates for your roles.

Not only do we have deep local roots, we also have national reach and work on multiple roles throughout the country. We service and supply organizations with their technical resource staffing needs within IT Infrastructure, Software Development Lifecycle and Database Development, Administration and Analysis from start-up to enterprise level.

We offer services ranging from Direct Hire, Contract/Contract-Hire W-2, SOW’s, Payroll Service, Retiree rehire and W-2 to 1099 conversions. We also provide seamless online time card and invoice processing to save you time. In this local candidate driven market using a staffing firm is the best choice to get those tough roles filled in the quickest time possibly. We can save you time and money and have a history of delivering quality, experienced candidates. Micro Tech handles roles before they’re broadcasted to the world and roles that haven’t been filled for months.

Current Challenges Technical Hiring Mangers Face

  • There is a serious talent shortage among technology and manufacturing roles.
  • Highly qualified applicants have multiple choices of where they want to work. If another company is willing to pay more, you can lose the employee.
  • Having a negative employer brand can make it difficult to attract talent, but we consult and educate you with what the current market shows and the negative impact of things, such as slow hiring processes and non-competitive compensation offerings.
  • Soft/Hard Costs of relying solely on internal recruiting: Your time, production loss costs and employee moral for shouldering the extra workload for the empty seat.

How Micro Tech Can Help

  • We have a seasoned team of discipline specific technical recruiters with expertise in passive candidate recruitment and deep reach within the local candidate marketplace.
  • We invest in job postings across all major boards at no cost to you (LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed) to get your brand exposed across our deep reach in the local tech marketplace.
  • We leverage the latest technological advancements, such as AI (see below) that learns your organization and ideal candidate profiles to allow ongoing recruitment and ensuring you don’t ever miss out on top tier talent.
candidates graph 1

For every role that goes unfilled, it’s costing you thousands of dollars. Time is money and we want to help make that money. Our manufacturing and technology recruiters are expert matchmakers. We know what companies are looking for and can accurately assess candidate’s hard and soft skills. Our profound industry knowledge makes our recruiters invaluable assets to candidates in the search process.

The top four hiring trends that will have a major impact on the hiring process in the year 2018 include: diversity, new interviewing tools, data and artificial intelligence. We provide key statistical insights pertaining to these trends. Part of our process is to consult with you to help you delve into the passive candidate marketplace since 75% of hires aren’t actively searching. We are experts in reaching this passive market through social channels, media and networking. So much money is invested in staffing and hiring employees and we want to make sure your money is spent wisely and gets results. We get paid to fill jobs, not just book interviews.

candidate marketing graph 2

Micro Tech can manage your hiring demands. No matter if you only hire a couple of times a year or are constantly filling new roles. Our team of skilled recruiters acts as a fully versed personal Job Coaches. From the moment we submit a resume to the salary negotiation, we assist and guide our candidates and clients through the entire interview process. We understand the candidate’s personal and career goals and work hard to make them all happen.

We only match candidates to roles that fit their skills and passion that make sense for them. We take the time to get to know our candidate’s and client’s needs and motivations to make sure we provide the best match for the role and company. Consider using us a resource today and stop wasting valuable time. Contact Micro Tech Staffing today.

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