Perks that Win Employees Over

Organizations often miss out on hiring great talent because they don’t have enough in their hiring budget to match the candidates’ expected salary. Although making more money seems to motivate many candidates to leave their current role, there are many other perks and benefits that might entice them to make a move.

A survey, conducted by Fractl, of 2,000 U.S. workers revealed that second to health benefits and insurance, flexible hours were heavily considered when deciding to take a lower salary position versus a higher one. Benefits can sway many potential direct-hire candidates, but company perks are usually available to all types of employees.

Companies can entice potential candidates with several perks if they don’t want to or can’t pay more for their salary. Perks are like the extra toppings a company or organization can offer in addition to an employee’s salary or hourly pay. Large companies like Facebook offer 17-week maternity/paternity leave and on-site health care according to Glassdoor. Who wouldn’t want something extra at their job that could enhance their overall performance?

These are the top 10 perks companies all over the United States are offering their employees. Just one of these could make all the difference to a potential employee. Taking the time to get to know what would entice your candidate is a must when recruiting top talent.

1. Flex time

Employees have the options of making their own schedule if they meet their hours or workload for the week. This can help with commute times or making it easier to pick up their kids from daycare or school..

2. PTO/Sick Time

Usually there is a minimum time that needs to be met to earn any vacation or PTO. Many companies offer generous vacation options or even unlimited if the employee is meeting all their work expectations.

3. Remote option

Many companies offer full or half remote options to work from home. This can be a great perk for employees who like that flexibility and comfort.

4. Maternity/Paternity Leave

Most companies offer paternity leave, but it’s often unpaid. When a company offers paid maternity and paternity leave this can be an amazing perk for a growing family. They can also offer longer than the standard six weeks. It’s much less stressful knowing you don’t have to cover that time with savings and can return to work rested without a hiccup in your paycheck.

5. Childcare

Some companies offer on-site daycare for employees or they offer a certain amount of money towards paying for childcare.

6. Tuition Assistance/Training

A lot of companies offer tuition reimbursement or paying for certification costs. Usually you need to work for the company for a certain amount of time and promise to stay with the company for several years.

7. Swag

Many companies offer different perks to make life easier at work. They will supply these if you’re working for the company which saves money for you.
  • Phone, Tablet or Laptop
  • Uniform, T-shirt or Polo
  • Company Car or gas/mileage reimbursement
  • Standing Desks and work lounges

8. Fitness

Companies are putting an emphasis on healthy living and encouraging their employees to stay fit and healthy. Many employees often use their lunch break or get to work earlier to fit in a workout.
  • Gym Membership or on-site fitness center
  • Free exercise classes
  • Massages

9. Food/Drinks

Many companies offer drinks and food to their employees free of charge. Some larger companies offer beer or wine as well. The average company spends between $3 and $8 on snacks and beverages per employee each day according to an article by CNBC.
  • Free Snacks/Lunch Some companies provide lunch one day a week and some offer it every day.
  • Bar-Some companies offer beer on-site or have beer dedicated for on day a week. Employees should use common sense in consuming beer while working.
  • Coffee-Many offices have Keurig’s or even have coffee shops on-site.

10. Signing Bonus

Sometimes a great way to entice a candidate is offering a one time signing bonus to get them on board. This isn’t part of their salary but could be just enough to get them to switch over. Some require that you pay the company back if you leave before a certain date.

Although not every company can offer these kind of perks, at least a couple are obtainable by event he smallest of companies and might be of interest to you. It could even be better than getting an extra $5,000 more in your salary. The benefits of these perks could make up for that shortage physically, mentally and financially. Find out what our clients are offering to get the best talent on board. Contact Micro Tech Staffing Group to find your next opportunity.

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