Amazing Opportunity with Great Benefits! Or is it?

Did that title make you click on this article?

Gone are the days of looking for a job in the newspaper or mailing your resume to companies. Online is where we live these days and so do the technology roles. The internet has made it faster than ever to search and apply for jobs.

When was the last time you opened your laptop; unless you were using it for work? Today people turn to their mobile devices to search for places to eat, buy groceries and answer any question. With so many applicants looking for jobs online, especially on their devices, it can be hard to grab potential applicants’ attention. A job posting might only have a five-second time span and the applicant could be on to the next.

The job description is extremely important in today’s tech world where so many of these applicants are coveted for their unique set of skills. You must be able to entice passive candidate, while still being transparent about the role and your company.

Job titles

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is real. Don’t get crazy with job titles which could lead to missing out on potential candidates who aren’t searching for that specific title. Keep it simple and you are bound to get more to choose from.

If it’s a manager role, include it. If not, then don’t make it appear to be one just to get a candidate interested. They’ll find out eventually and it’s better to be upfront.

Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Web Developer and Network/System Engineer or Administrator are some common job titles in the IT industry. Electrical Engineers, Automation Technicians, Mechanical Design Engineers, Prototype machinists are some common job titles for the engineering and manufacturing industry. You will be able to differentiate the role more in the job description, but by keeping the job title simple you will get more traction from interested applicants.

Position Snapshot

Candidates are interested in what type of company they’re applying to. Size is important, as well as if it’s an established company or a start-up. Candidates like to know if they’ll be working on a team or independently.

Keep it short and mention the best parts of the company and role. Candidates could be interested in companies offering the newest technologies, flex time, ping pong, pool tables, bonuses or room for advancement. Working remotely is a huge trend as well.

Keep in mind every applicant is different and what’s important to one may not be to another. Try to highlight the big perks that would separate you from other tech companies and applicants can always do more benefit research on the website or Glassdoor.

Top 3 Must Have Skills

Remember bullets are best when listing out your requirements. You should always start with the 3 must-have skills needed for the position. It’s tempting to want a candidate to have everything you’re looking for, but such unicorns are extremely hard to find. It pays to be flexible and it will not limit your candidate pool.

By listing the three skills right in the beginning, candidates know if they’re qualified or not and don’t have to waste their time scrolling through the whole job description. They either have it or they don’t, and this will save time weeding out applicants who don’t have the necessary skills for the job.

Social Media Descriptions

Companies now have social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat where they post everything that’s going on with their company, including open job positions. This is a great way to get your role out there and more companies are doing this to recruit talent.

Some companies post interesting graphics with a basic overview of the role, or something unique about it that could tease the applicant. Candidates will then either click on their link or share it to their network.

Facebook also allows you to pay to promote your ad, which gets your company and posting out there for more people to see and share.

Video job postings are also trending in the tech industry. We can get an inside scoop to what it’s like to work there and can see what kind of online presence they have without even visiting the company. Videos can engage applicants in a different way, which will keep your company current and attract more talent.

Whatever platform you choose to send out your job postings, be sure to follow these tips to attract new talent. Micro Tech Staffing Group does, and their talent pool is expanding and reaching more talent than ever before. If you are looking for industry specialists that can help you find the best talent in the area, contact Micro Tech Staffing Group, today.

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