Being a People Person Should Go on Your Resume

While you shouldn't actually use those clichéd words, you should play up your people skills on your resume. Experts note that your ability to communicate well with fellow employees and customers is as important, if not more so, than your technical knowledge. Some employees have years of education and a high skill level, but their inability to communicate well makes them ineffective. If you have people skills, highlight them on your resume.

What Are People Skills?

You may believe that people skills aren't as important as your education, but a genius in their field is ineffective if they can't share their ideas or simply get along with coworkers. A friendly and encouraging atmosphere allows team members to openly express their ideas, suggest changes and generally enjoy their jobs more. Employees with "people skills" have empathy, which is the ability to put themselves in someone else's place.

A good employee must be able to collaborate with people of different backgrounds and educational levels. Your potential employer wants to know if you can maintain productive relationships with people who are essentially different from you.

How Do I Quantify People Skills?

Creating an effective resume requires you to quantify most skills. Employers will want to know how many teams you have led or how many employees you have managed. Quantifying people skills takes a little creativity. You could use terms like "first," "more" and "top" instead of numbers. For instance, you may have led more teams than most people your department. Customers may frequently request you, making you a "top" draw. You may also have won top customer service awards or help formed a company softball team. You should highlight evidence that people like you, respect you, and take you seriously.

Some employees may think that being likable isn't a skill, but they are wrong. People work better with you if they like you. They are more likely to listen to your suggestions and follow your lead. Teamwork begins with likable, effective people.

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