5 Reasons to Use a Staffing Firm to Find Talent

Finding top talent is tough. If you've consistently conducted your search for new hires in-house, perhaps it's time to try something new and enlist an external staffing firm for your new recruiting efforts. Check out these five reasons why a staffing firm may be just what you need to improve your recruiting process.

1. Top Talent

Whether actively or passively looking for employment, staffing firms have access to the best talent across industries. As a business, you're often limited to the candidates who answer your call to apply for an opening or referrals from past recruiting efforts. Since staffing agencies work with active and passive job seekers, there is a larger talent pool to choose from, making it easier to narrow down and find the right candidates for your company.

2. Faster Hiring

Since staffing agencies are in the staffing business, it is a much quicker process to identify, vet, and hire an employee than you can do on your own. At a company, you may have to coordinate with several departments and multiple people's schedules to hire a single employee. With a staffing agency, the only focus is on finding the best candidate for your available position, making it a streamlined process.

3. Bigger Networks

Companies are often limited by their established networks, past recruiting efforts, or those people who seek out employment with them. Staffing agencies, however, have much more expansive networks from which to pull talent. With access to top talent from multiple companies, staffing agencies know what positions are available, where they are available, who's recently left a company, who is retiring, and who's looking to move on from their current positions. Agencies build extensive networks and can use those networks to find the best employees and executives for the positions you're looking to fill.

4. Better Vetting

Searching for candidates isn't enough. You need to have not just the best candidates, but the best candidates for your company, and external staffing agencies have the time, resources, and incentive to make sure only the best candidates are presented to your company for hiring. Also, with talent shortages acting as a hindrance to growth, staffing agencies can find clients with the specific skills your business requires. Based on what you say your needs are, a staffing agency can vet clients on the strategic skills you need from your talent to help move your company forward.

5. Narrow Focus

Using a staffing agency allows you to focus on your work. Vetting candidates, setting up interviews, checking references -- the entire process means you're working another job on top of your actual work. Using a staffing agency allows someone else to handle all of the extra work for you, while you only need to be involved in the final decision. If your business isn't in recruiting, then hiring a company whose only focus is finding and securing the best candidates makes finding the right employees so much less time-consuming and much more efficient.

Since 1985, Micro Tech Staffing Group has been a leader in technical recruiting across New England and down the East Coast. If you're looking for the best candidates for your company, Micro Tech Staffing Group is the staffing firm you want to hire.

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