By Justin Medeiros

It's well-known that tech jobs, particularly those having to do with software development, are growing rapidly. The question, though, is just what sectors are producing the greatest demand for jobs? Here are four of the industries that have the highest demand for software developers.

1. Medicine and Healthcare

The medical sector has become increasingly technological over the past two decades, with developments ranging from surgical robots to AI diagnostics to integrated patient record systems. To support this growing reliance on cutting-edge technology, the healthcare industry has needed the help of huge numbers of software developers. Of course, these developers don't work exclusively on such lofty projects. Day-to-day hospital functions, such as digital record keeping, also require software development teams.

2. Social Media

It may come as no surprise to you that with the massive growth of social media platforms has also come a spike in demand for developers to power them. Each new product or feature that is introduced by these platforms requires developers to plan and build it. For this reason, social media giant Facebook ranks among the top 10 employers of software developers among the major Silicon Valley companies.

3. Retail

When you think of software development jobs, the first thing that comes to mind is likely a highly valued startup. What may surprise you, though, is just how many jobs exist for developers in more traditional industries, such as retail. In fact, Glassdoor has identified retail as the industry with the greatest growth in employment for developers. With more and more retail operations moving online, the need for developers to create websites and selling systems is growing rapidly.

4. Finance

Like many others, the financial sector has transformed rapidly with technological advancement. Software is used to support almost every area of the finance industry today, from digital banking to the cutting-edge investment apps that are gaining popularity among younger investors. Of course, like any other software, the systems underlying the financial sector require developers to create, upgrade, and maintain them. With the number of FinTech (financial technology) startups estimated at 8,000 or more as of 2016, jobs are even being created outside of traditional banks and investment companies.

These are just a few of the sectors in which jobs for software developer jobs are quickly being added. If you are a developer looking for new opportunities or looking to get into software development, consider working with a recruiter to get into these hot fields. At Micro Tech Staffing Group, we have more than 30 years of experience placing job applicants in growing and emerging industries.

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