By Paul Rojee

Engineers aren't known for their artful prose. But writing a great resume can make or break your chances of getting that next great engineering job. To get your application to the top of the stack, keep these five tips in mind when you are crafting your resume.

Go Beyond One Page

The one-page rule — keeping your resume to concise format that is no longer than a page — works well for many fields. Just not this one. Build your resume out longer than one page so that you have room to capture all of the engineering projects you have been involved with.

Use Meaningful Sections

It’s time to leave the objective behind and reexamine what sections should appear on your resume. Perhaps you can create a list of projects where you served in a key role or add a list of high-profile engineering projects that have been completed on your watch as a manager.

List Important Accomplishments

One section you might add could be key accomplishments. Compile a short list of the projects where you have gone the extra mile — saving the company money, getting the project done on an expedited timeline or working with the media in the middle of the project. Your potential employer will appreciate the work ethic behind this project list.

Break Up the Text

As an engineer, you know how tedious it can be to read through large amounts of narrative text. After all, who likes to waste time trying to find the information they need? Break up the text-heavy portions of your resume to make it easier to read, or even scan. You can add bullet points and concise descriptions and organize the page with bold headers and italics.

Ensure It Is Error-Free

Everyone appreciates a candidate who takes the time to check his or her work for errors. The trouble is, the more you edit the resume, the more likely you are to make a mistake at the last minute. Ensure your resume is error-free by giving it one last read.

Once you’ve done all this, you will be on the right track for a successful job search. To increase your chances even more, consider working with an experienced recruiter. Our team of engineering recruiters at Micro Tech Staffing Group has deep expertise in the field and works closely with top employers to find talented engineers every day.

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